Realtors And Real Estate Agents

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do?

Real estate is one of the most important investments you make. For that reason, it's important to find the right real estate agent who will give you their best.

Real estate agents are the professionals you'll work with to buy, sell and rent real estate. If you're planning a move or thinking about buying or selling a home, considering working with an experienced agent can help make your search easier and more successful. Here's what a real estate agent does:

  • Opens communication between sellers (or buyers) and potential buyers (or sellers).
  • Prepares listings for properties that will be sold by owner or those listed through an agency.
  • Sells property for individuals who own their homes free and clear of any third-party interests such as loans from banks or investors.
  • Negotiates contracts in collaboration with both parties to ensure they're protected but also receive fair market value for their property.

REALTORS® as Buyer's Real Estate Agents

If you’re buying a home, your REALTOR® will be acting as a buyers agent and can help you find what you want and negotiate the best deal. Buyer agents have access to all homes for sale in an area - not just those listed with their brokerage—and they know where to look for properties that aren’t yet on the market. A buyer agent is also likely to be familiar with neighborhood characteristics that may affect housing values, such as school districts or zoning issues.

However, when you’re buying a home, you may choose to work with the same real estate agent who helped you sell your current home. The role of that agent is different than when working on both transactions simultaneously.

REALTORS® as Buyer's Real Estate Agents
REALTORS® as Listing Real Estate Agents

REALTORS® as Listing Real Estate Agents

If you need to sell your house, you then use a seller's agent (also referred to as a listing agent). A good REALTOR® will help you set an appropriate price for your home by preparing a CMA Comparative Market Analysis), give you suggestions for decluttering and small repairs to get the home ready for market. The seller's agent will then advertise the property on the Multiple Listing Service and social media, then once offers come in, negotiate offers on your behalf (with your input of course) and help you close the deal.

Most real estate agents provide bother services, but often depends on which side of the real estate transaction they prefer to work, whether will sellers or buyers.

How To Find A Good, Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent can help you navigate the home buying or selling process, and a good one will save you time and money. But how do you find the right agent for your needs? Start by asking friends and colleagues for referrals; this is a fast, easy way to get started on your search. If that doesn’t yield any results, consider other options:

  • ask an attorney or financial advisor who deals with real estate transactions if they have suggestions
  • contact local associations of Realtors®
  • review online reviews from people in neighborhoods where you’re interested in living
  • look at listings of agents (many sites include ratings)
  • check out online profiles of members belonging to the National Association of Realtors®.

If you don't know who to use, focusing on the agents that are working in your area can be a great way to find an agent who is local and knows the market well. Drive around your neighborhood or walk through it if possible, and look at all of the signs in front yards. When you see multiple names listed on similar types of signs, consider giving those agents’ offices a call when you're ready to buy. While talking with neighbors can have its drawbacks (for example—neighbors may not want to share negative information about their real estate agent), sometimes they're willing talk if they've had a positive experience with a REALTOR® but aren't friends with that person personally. If possible, ask them what they think about their real estate agency's service and how easy it was for them to sell their home!

How To Find A Good, Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent
The Best Real Estate Agents Know The Local Market

The Best Real Estate Agents Know The Local Market

A good real estate agent will do more than just sell your house. They'll also help you find the right home by making sure your priorities are their priorities. When it's time to put your own place on the market, you need an advocate who knows how to get that property in front of buyers and can guide you through every step of the transaction—plus has experience getting properties in similar neighborhoods sold quickly at a fair price. A local expert is key not only because they understand what makes each neighborhood special but also because they know which factors most influence resale value (like proximity to schools or busy streets).

The Top Real Estate Agents In Your Area Have Excellent Marketing And Technical Skills

When you’re looking to purchase a home, you’ll want a good real estate agent who can find newly listed homes quickly in today's market—and has the resources to find homes for sale that aren’t listed on traditional channels.

When you're selling a home, you'll need a top REALTOR® that knows the market and can help you price your property accordingly.

The bottom line is that no matter if you are selling or buying, a good real estate agent is going to be your advocate, and have your best interest in mind over theirs.

If you are in the market for a new home, or need to sell our current house, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We would love the opportunity to represent you in your next real estate transaction!

The Top Real Estate Agents In Your Area Have Excellent Marketing And Technical Skills